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13 March 2020




Here is a quick observation of mine based on my life
experiences and

over 40 years in the real estate and property industry.

The Corona Virus “Convid-19” will have FAR reaching effects
on the

WHOLE of the GLOBAL economy.

The Real Estate industry will not be immune to this crisis.

The Building Industry, in particular, has been sourcing many products

From china for the last 20 years, that will become a major issue re Supply.

The immediate to the medium-term outcome will be a Huge Shortage of New housing for an already lagging supply of around 200,000 homes per year across Australia.

The obvious result of this increased shortage will be the Price Rises across all sectors of the building industry, both residential and commercial.

It’s that old adage at work again, “Supply and Demand” and Australia is way behind in terms of meetings the Supply!

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